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“Wise Coat”

10-H Premium Ceramic Coating: Automotive, Boat, Motorcycle, Truck!!!

Restore, revitalize & protect your investment! Bring back that showroom shine! Call to schedule your appointment today. A Wash To The Wise, 770-607-WASH (9274).

What is the benefit of Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Coating provides a durable barrier between the vehicle and harmful and deteriorating elements such as acid rain, corrosion, oxidation, scratches, tar, dirt, graffiti, tree sap, bugs, bird droppings, and UV rays. Coating provides an impenetrable defense against these elements allowing you to no longer worry about contaminants sticking to the surface. With ceramic coating you can be certain that you will also save time and money by avoiding hard-core washing and waxing for years to come; all while protecting your investment and maintaining that showroom shine! Just a simple weekly washing and drying is all that is needed to preserve that beautiful appearance. After application, caring for the vehicle is simply effortless for many years to come. Ceramic coating is without a doubt a WISE investment!

A Wash To The Wise is proud to offer a 3 to 5-year warranty on this spectacular product!

Please be advised that vehicles must be inspected prior to receiving an accurate quote.  Over-the-telephone quotes are an estimate ONLY.

Cost estimates are based upon the need for specialized services (i.e., size and condition of vehicle, paint correction, etc.). Services may also be purchased ala carte, and cost will be determined following consultation. Vehicles will be ready for pick-up 24 hours after application.

In addition to vehicle’s surface can also coat glass & wheels.

Windshield coating, $65: Ceramic coating your windshield will magnificently cause water to bead and roll off during a storm and allows less usage of windshield wipers. Visibility during rain or snow is greatly increased due to these properties! An added benefit of windshield coating is the ability to remove frost and ice easier during winter months!

Automotive Ceramic Coating

What Customers are saying: “Exceeded expectations! I got ceramic coating on my 4-year old car last week and the results are absolutely spectacular. After CC, my car looked better than the day I purchased!!! Added benefit has been how water slides off my windshield during a storm. Visibility is magnificent! After the rain and driving through Ga red clay…car is still spotless! Last night I even wiped off bugs from the bumper with a Kleenex! And just think, all I thought I was going to get was a beautiful shine! Who knew?!!! A tremendous thank you to the guys at A Wash To The Wise. Awesome job!!!”- D. Jones, Cartersville, Georgia

What Customers are saying: “I am a first time customer. I recently purchased a car that is Silver. Concern about oxidation in the future, I decided to try Ceramic Coating. And, I would like to say I was really impressed with the process, attention to detail, and the finished product of Ceramic Coating – All I can say is WOW! It made the appearance of my car look like it came off the showroom floor. Ceramic Coating is definitely worth the investment if you want to preserve the paint on your car for years to come.” Cee Durham, Cartersville, Georgia

Boat Ceramic Coating

What Customers are saying: “Excellent customer service! Had our boat detailed and the ceramic coating put on it and it turned out beautiful! Highly recommend! Thank you!” – L. Smith, Cartersville, Georgia

Motorcycle Ceramic Coating

Truck Ceramic Coating

What Customers are saying: “These guys are TOP OF THE LINE. I had my 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee ceramic coated, and when I say this thing shines like a new dime, you can trust me on that! Came back from a beach vacation and they cleaned it so well you’d never know it was in the salty air. Friendly folks, excellent work and reasonable prices. Doesn’t get any better. I will be a customer for LIFE!.” – E. Kritzman

“Obsessed with the ceramic coating put on by A Wash To The Wise! Daryl did it RIGHT!!!!!!! #jeep #grandcherokee #nanoceramic #sofreshandsoclean” – S. Townsend-Ruff

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