Unfortunately we can no longer quote prices on services without a visual inspection. Please be advised: all pricing for services rendered will be determined following a visual inspection of your vehicle. While you may drive the same or a similar vehicle as another patron, your costs may vary. It is very important to understand that pricing is based upon the amount of work and time needed to achieve your desired results. PRICES can increase based upon the condition of the service area(s). Thank you for your understanding!

A visual inspection is required in order to give you superior service at the price we both can agree on. Thank you!

Standard Wash Descriptions

  • Exterior Wash/Windows/Tire Shine
  • Exterior Wash/Windows/Tire Shine + Interior Vacuum, Windows cleaned & Dash Wipe down
  • Exterior/Interior + previously listed & Liquid Hot Wax
  • Exterior/Interior + previously listed & Sealant Wax

Full Description of Auto-Detailing Packages listed below.

Full Interior Detail – Vehicle’s upholstery and leather is thoroughly cleaned, and the leather is conditioned. Additionally, floor carpets and mats are steam cleaned and/or shampooed. Headliners are safely dry-cleaned.

TREATING AND REMOVING FABRIC STAINS. Please be advised: The sooner you treat a stain, the more likely it is to come out. Even so, not all stains can be removed. After the stain has been treated, the fabric must be allowed to dry completely in order to see results. Sometimes an additional treatment can be used, BUT USE CAUTION. After the second treatment, continuing to treat the stain can damage the fabric or leather.

Full Exterior DetailVehicle’s exterior is hand washed. Exterior surface is polished with an orbital buffer to remove fine scratches. Fender wells are cleaned. All moulding is conditioned.

Additional Exterior Services are available upon request. Please be advised that additional fees will be added.

  • Exterior Clay bar treatment
  • High-speed buff

Sterilizing & Sanitizing

Steri-Wise, AWTTW’s very own sterilization service exclusively designed to clean every surface with one machine and to rid your vehicle of all contaminants! Our process purifies by using steam that reaches 338 degrees, and a maximum cleaning pressure of 117 PSI. Our water filtration vacuum UV-C Blue Light technology that kills germs, bacteria, and viruses.


“Ultimate Convenience” Because Your Time is Valuable. We are pleased to offer mobile service to our customers who can’t travel to our shop. Our self-sufficient van will come to your location and complete your desired service.  While your vehicle will receive the same amount of care and attention, pricing for mobile service will include additional fees. 

Exceeding Expectations…Period!