Standard Wash and Auto-Detailing Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are your prices higher than most other car washes?  We are not an express car-washing service. We provide hand washing in addition to exclusive detailing services.

What are the benefits of washing my car regularly?  Acid rain, road tar, tree sap, bugs, and bird droppings will damage the paint. Hand washing is the first step in preventative maintenance for your paint and keeping your exterior in good condition.

How can I tell if my car needs waxing and how often should I wax it?  When the water no longer beads up and runs off the surface of your car.   Wax can be applied as often as you like.

My neighbor and I have identical cars, so why was there a difference in the price for a standard hand wash? Costs are assessed based upon services rendered and the condition of the vehicle.

Ceramic Coating Frequently Asked Questions:

What is “Wise Coat”?  Our exclusively-formulated liquid that is applied to the vehicle’s paint designed to create a semi-permanent bond.  The nano-size particles seal the pores of the paint creating incredible gloss and paint protection.

Why are your “Wise Coat” prices considerably cheaper than other guys?  Based upon our 40-years experience in detailing, our exclusively-formulated ceramic coating was offered to us at a generous cost which we have chosen to pass onto our customers.

What is paint correction?  It’s the process needed to bring the vehicle’s paint back to its original shine and condition.

What are the steps to performing paint correction? Hand washing the vehicle is always the first step.  The second step is clay barring the surface to remove any contaminants.  There are a number of other steps needed but those steps are determined by the condition of the paint.

Which parts of the vehicle are coated in the price?  All painted surfaces and the front windshield. All other glass surfaces can be coated for an additional cost.

Do you offer wheel and brake caliper coating? Yes.  These options are available ala carte at an additional cost.

Why isn’t brake caliper coating included in the price? Because we want to offer the most protection at a reasonable price.

When will my vehicle be ready for pickup?  24 hours after the “Wise Coat” is applied.

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